"Where Are We Now? The Cultural Translation of David Bowie's Lazarus," Glendon Centre for Research on Language and Culture Contact Brown Bag talk, Sept 24, 2020. Other talks in the series are available at:

Interview at the “Leftist Ideas in Culture: Password ‘Asja'”/ “Kreisuma Ideja Kultūrā. Parole – Asja” conference, Riga, 6 Mar 2015:ācis.



LA’s Libidinal Economy: Seriality, Faciality, Umwelt
keynote, Libidinal Circuits: Scenes of Innovation III, Liverpool, July 8-10, 2015




Hong Kong meets Veruschka: Cultural Translation and the Fashion of Disappearance. Culture of Cities Workshop, Interpreting the City, 14 Dec 2012, CSI – Annex, Toronto.

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